RN Investment Group

Our purpose is work with partners investors and professionals with powerful knowledge to build and develop homes in our 45 different properties between Los Angeles and Lake Arrowhead, we also have large scale projects in Petroleum Lands , Solar Panels, Energy and our magnificent structure Hollywood complex, project for Oscar Academy Awards.

Mission Statement

RN Investment Group is a privately-held real estate development company committed to generating superior returns for clients by investments in rapidly growing markets in the residential, commercial and industrial markets within the state of California on the West Coast of the United States.

Investment Opportunities

This Southern California real estate developer has a diversified investment portfolio of land for development in Los Angeles and San Bernardino County, in Gregory Lake, Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead and Silverwood Lake, all well-known, popular Southern California resort, residential and retirement areas recognized for their stunning beauty and accessibility to urban Los Angeles. San Bernardino County has experienced explosive growth as the increasing demand for affordable housing and a quality lifestyle has driven families out of the Greater Los Angeles area.

Architectural Renders

California, The Land of the Prosperity

It is one of the most robust and prosperous economies in the United States and offers unlimited investment and business opportunities. Due to its unprecedented rapid growth, land and property values are continuously appreciating and increasing in value. California attracts many people from around the world due to its year-round moderate climate, healthy, outdoor alternative lifestyles, geographical beauty, cultural sophistication and ethnic diversity. It is home to the glamour and excitement of the Hollywood scene, and has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches along its magnificent coastline.