Oscar Development Project

Designed by Image Group Corporation

We would like to introduce you to a unique vision that will showcase the best that the Academy of Motion Pictures has to offer. Recently, we have brought together a team of designers, artists and graphics specialists to bring this creative vision to the canvas. This project is a design for a complex that will embellish the hopes, dreams and magic of the motion picture industry. Introducing the Academy of Motion Picture Arts, Oscar Development Project 2014.
We would like to bring you an idea and a design that will complement and enhance the existence of the Hollywood Sign. It will give millions of visitors from around the world a venue to experience the best that Tinsel town has to offer.
The Oscar Development Project is a structure that will serve the community in several ways. First, it will act as a museum to old Hollywood, holding a collection of classic, vintage Hollywood Props. Next, it will serve as a venue for Motion Picture events, namely, The Oscars.
Finally, it will give people the opportunity to partake in a rich bite of the Hollywood dream, where people can visit, take photos, buy gifts from the gift shop, grab lunch in the cafeteria and even learn about Hollywood’s
The overall design of the structure will match the world famous statue we have all come to idolize. It will be located to the left of the Hollywood sign.
It will be seen by the majority of Hollywood and become a true landmark of the city. It’s design will be both functional and provide a beautiful aesthetic. Like the Statue of Liberty, the Oscar shaped building will allow visitors to walk up to the top of the head of the tall statue, projected to be well over 70 feet in height.
Visitors will access the area via a cable car that will run daily from 9am to 5pm Sunday through Saturday. There will be a state of the art, IMAX theater for visitors to experience a proprietary IMAX movie about making movie sin Hollywood. There will be a second, smaller movie theater that will run a proprietary movie the Motion Picture Academy will produce, edited clips based on prior airings from old Oscar Award shows. This will be update yearly. And finally, there will be amusement park ride for the kids that also will run daily.
We would like to invite you to learn more about this fantastic opportunity to generate income for the Motion Picture Academy, give Los Angeles a fulfilling landmark and reinforce the Oscar brand to another generation.
We look forward to partnering with you in hopes of bringing this dream to fruition.

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